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Digital Customer Experience(Digital CX)

In today’s aggressive business climate, brands face several evolving challenges to differentiate themselves and stand out from the pack. They compete in a digital world comprised of incredibly tech-savvy and aware young consumers with a resolute demand for flawless digital customer experience. This necessitates the development of a customer-focused unified Digital CX strategy to bring about purposeful engagement in the customer’s journey and foster successful long-term associations.

Digital CX involves handling the interactions of customers with businesses across their physical and digital touchpoints. The focus here is to deliver a seamless, personalized experience that retains the customer’s loyalty and trust in the brand. Digital CX is a proactive approach that anticipates a customer’s synergy with the brand and ensures that snags and impediments are removed right at the beginning of the journey. This differs from the ‘response’ approach, which is common in conventional customer service. At NextWealth, unique implementation methodologies, world class quality audits combined with state of art analytical models and best practice modelling are amongst a few methods employed to deliver a range of offerings across Customer Care, Back-Office Operations, Data Modelling, Natural Language Processing and other services.

Digital Transformation Services to enhance your Customer Journey

Methodical customer profile development and synergy mapping to a deep knowledge of which platforms and approaches are best to power your apps, websites, and touchpoints for the best-in-class customer and employee engagement, we deploy meticulous strategies to capture the customer’s imagination and convert it into action.

The digital customer experience industry is a rapidly evolving one. There is an increasing demand for multiple customer support channels, and it becomes crucial for businesses to handle customer touchpoints across the product’s entire lifecycle. NextWealth’s Digital CX services understand the client’s distinct expectations and address them in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

With the emergence of an ever-increasing ensemble of digital channels, consumers now have an unprecedented number of touchpoints to engage with a business. Irrespective of the medium of contact, customers expect their preferred brands to be conscious of their entire interaction history and expect a real-time resolution without repeating themselves. Consolidating its vast experience in this domain, NextWealth has developed a customer engagement strategy, which integrates all channels and works together even if customers transition from say an online chat to a phone call. NextWealth empowers assets to support customers with relevant, personal, and timely information that they can act on at the very moment.

Our Omnichannel CX


Every interaction in a customer journey is an opportunity to create value and build brand loyalty. Voice support is going to remain an essential element of customer support in spite of the fact that self-service options are growing in usage & efficacy. It is absolutely pivotal that brands provide the best quality Voice customer support services to their customers because they now get Voice calls where the issues are critical and the customer has already exhausted all other avenues of getting help. NextWealth Delivers intelligent, empathetic, and personalized interactions ensuring exceptional customer service experiences aided by best-in-class technology.

Chatbot / Whatsapp

The Chatbot / WhatsApp customer service platform helps businesses to offer personalized guidance to customers by analyzing their data footprint including previous interactions. With Chatbot / WhatsApp integration, a business can automate mundane tasks, helping the sales and marketing assets sharpen their focus on generating more business. NextWealth’s intelligent Chatbot / WhatsApp customer service channel supports businesses to nurture leads, drive higher brand recognition, and build customer loyalty.


An average business either responds too slowly to customer emails or sometimes even fails to reply thereby hurting the brand in the eyes of the consumers. Email Customer support services offer businesses speedy, reliable, and empathetic engagement for customers, leading to higher confidence in the brand. Customers expect swift response to their email queries. Fast and accurate email support is a huge competitive advantage. NextWealth’s Email services, leveraging the latest in email support technology help businesses swiftly & appropriately respond to emails with an approach that is crafted for high level of customer satisfaction.

Social Media

Relationships between businesses and customers are increasingly being built on engagement across interactive channels and platforms. Social media enables businesses to sync up with existing customers, attract new customers, solicit feedback, and build customer loyalty. NextWealth’s Social Media Customer Service combines the passion and expertise of skilled digital media specialists armed with cutting-edge analytical tools. NextWealth’s social media services provide listing, status updating, engagement, and content moderation capabilities to help businesses understand the sentiment, resolve issues, and establish deeper and lasting associations with customers.

AI enabled Customer Experience

Conversational Chatbots are fast gaining a foothold as an essential self-service tool because they are versatile enough to be used right across the customer journey. From helping customers choose a product, make a purchase, or get post-purchase support, Chatbots are a valuable addition to the customer engagement strategy of businesses.The Real-time and convenient nature of chatbots help businesses deliver on what matters most to consumers during service interactions: valuing their time. When done well, chatbots help businesses by bringing about a reduction in the volume of emails, live agent chats, and phone calls thereby bringing about a good deal of cost savings.

Benefits of NextWealth Digital CX Services

NextWealth believes that the ultimate success of a business lies in how well it Digitally engages its customers. The key to having a sustainable and long-lasting relationship with consumers lies in how businesses offer value, high-quality products along with an exceptional Customer Service Experience.Handling millions of customer service interactions annually, we know the importance of nimble thinking and sustained innovation focused on putting customers first. From start-up to scale-up to dominant brands, we deliver on all stages of customer growth and interaction. Providing CX support in multiple languages across all digital channels, we are adept at delivering the best Digital CX to support your seamless business growth. We take an omnichannel approach that readily allows customers to interact with businesses via any channel, any device, anywhere with a customized, seamless, and consistent service customer experience throughout their journey.

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Do you know why Customer Experience is so important?

When customers contact your support team for assistance, how your assets handle those interactions can often mean the difference between building long-term loyalty and pushing a customer towards arrival. The stakes are high. There is no other edge that can counter or excuse a poor Customer Experience (CX). Providing high-quality omnichannel support is essential for businesses as customers prize a seamless & positive customer experience to such an extent that they are willing to pay more for it. Businesses that can streamline their customer support process, and swiftly solve issues that limit their users are best-positioned to boost brand loyalty and revenue. Today, with the deep penetration of the internet & technology there are a wide variety of consumers across different age groups coming in with a lot of varying expectations. Understanding their unique needs help businesses ensure they are able to offer exceptional customer experiences (CX).

What are the elements that create a remarkable Customer Experience?

The first step in providing a great customer experience is to bring values related to customer-centricity within the company. In CX, One size does not fit all, consumer segmentation is the ability to segregate customers into groups based on their characteristics allowing businesses to provide customized products and services. By creating focused strategies, businesses can create positive customer experiences, & reinforce their relationships. Secondly, The collection of real-time feedback from customers provides businesses with a continuous flow of critical data that the management can use to make subtle changes to the processes. Opening up an integrated omnichannel interaction throughout the customer journey is pivotal in providing an excellent customer experience. Thirdly, digital transformation solutions built as per the requirements of each case with Conversational AI solutions such as chatbot building, API integration, and Quality audits need implementation to enable customers with a smooth experience. Constant refining of strategy comes next. As your business & customers evolve, your CX strategies need to evolve as well. In order to stay upto speed on what’s trending, teams should be self-critical and constantly innovate and refine their customer experience strategies.

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