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for India’s flagship omni-channel lingerie brand

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Started in 2011 as an online intimate wear retailer, our customer is a women’s fashion brand company featuring hundreds of styles for Indian women. They are India’s flagship omni-channel lingerie brand that has now extended into multiple categories and channels.


The company was growing rapidly and had an excellent digital outreach across India. They needed a partner to manage their Customer Support function while they as an Organization could focus on product, platform, market share etc. While Driver Management Solutions have been developed using computer vision and other image processing approaches, fine tuning of parameters like specific facial features and annotating head and eye tracking and blink rate monitoring was required.


With rich experience in Customer Interaction Services, NextWealth addressed their problem by successfully setting up an All Women Centralized Customer Support Team that took over servicing all Customer queries received via voice or email, managed their Social Media Interactions in English as well as Hindi along with local language support (if required).


We handled 1000+ calls on an average every day and proactively informed customers on promotions thereby increasing sales. All this was achieved with a Customer Satisfaction score of over 92%

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Centralized Customer Support – voice and email

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