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High-quality Keypoint Annotation Services

Get a large amount of highly accurate keypoint annotations for your machine-learning models. Our team at NextWealth accurately defines custom shapes and places key points at specific locations within the image such as parts of an object, human face or body. With our face annotation services, you can expect the highest level of precision.

What is Keypoint Annotation

To detect the movement of athletes or sports persons NextWealth offers point annotation services. This annotation technique makes use of key points at specific locations to identify gestures, expressions, and facial movements. The facial skeletal features and parts of images are labelled precisely to detect any change in their movement. It is a great way to track even the slightest variation between elements that have the same structure (eg. face features).

Types of Polygon Annotation

We ensure high-quality annotation results to train machines to recognize even the smaller attributes. We make use of several methods to include predictive human movements and sentiment analysis to provide accurate results.

Image Recognition

We offer landmark annotation to label specific locations in an image thereby aiding in a better understanding of each of these points’ motion within the targeted item.

Movement Detection

We provide precise dataset labelling for the recognition of human emotions and the posture of the athlete while playing a game making it easier for the computer vision to understand and analyze.

Analytical Landmarking

We turn raw data into landmarks with annotations that can be utilized for motion prediction and sentiment analysis aside from facial recognition.

Keypoint Annotation Use cases

Data labelling and annotation using keypoint detection can be used for a wide range of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. We have years of experience in keypoint annotation services and face annotation services.

Facial Recognition

By using face annotation services, facial detection can be enhanced, adding an extra level of security. Underneath the simple act of unlocking our phones is a robust dataset that is well-trained.

Security Sector

Image annotation using key points helps AI systems and computer vision to recognize the kinds of emotions being expressed by an individual. This might help in preventing potential threats

Athletics and Sports

Keypoint annotation works best to train machines and AI models to understand the posture of an athlete during a match. This benefits in improving the game by devising strategy and elevating the player’s performance during the tournament.

Retail Industry

Keypoint annotation is used in determining the actions and shopping behaviour of shoppers in supermarkets. As a result of these tailored insights, innovative methods can be implemented to communicate with the shopper and influence their purchase decisions.

Language Translation

Using face annotation services gestures and human expressions can be precisely labelled from one point to another. Such movement trajectory can train a machine learning model to recognize and translate sign language in real-time.

Medicine and Healthcare

Movement analysis through the keypoint annotation can reveal a lot about a patient’s health and underlying injuries or diseases. Using these findings better treatment plans and prescriptions can be drafted.

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Are there car datasets with annotated semantic keypoints data?

Point annotation method can be applied to cars and other vehicles to track the movement of people on the street to prevent accidents. It can also be applied to datasets that determine the motion of the person driving the car to detect drowsiness of the person and prevent fatalities. Contact NextWealth to know more about applying semantic keypoints to your car datasets and training the AI models for facial landmark annotation.

How do you annotate a keypoint on an object and get rendered UV point annotations (annotation, Blender 3D)?

For keypoint annotations to work one must label a significant number of points at specific locations in an image. The density inside each scene is also indicated by keypoint annotation, along with this how each point moves is also detected. Such plotting of a series of points on datasets allows computers to easily detect them. UVs can be mapped in several ways. Using keypoint annotation points are interpolated on an axis by mapping their positions through a surface to transform 3D space to 2D space.

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