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Being part of India’s largest eCommerce company, Jeeves is a one stop service point for all electronics, electrical and IT products. They provide post-sales service for large home appliances and electronics. A presence in over 300 cities and their cost-effective, reliable and quick solution make them the preferred trouble-shooting partner for over 3M+ homes in India.


At times, Jeeves faces a significant number of installation requests for their electronic home appliances. This turns out to be a major challenge and managing peak season sales was the biggest logistical nightmare as it would require hiring people several times the normal count, training, deployment, managing the entire process and then ramping it down.While Driver Management Solutions have been developed using computer vision and other image processing approaches, fine tuning of parameters like specific facial features and annotating head and eye tracking and blink rate monitoring was required.


The customer knew that they not only needed a problem solver but a thinking partner. NextWealth streamlined their entire post-sales service of Jeeves by handling appointments, technician co-ordination and installation follow-up for their end customers. Feedback was also gathered to understand customers’ response.


This resulted in the operational cost reduction of up to 25%. We have supported Jeeves with their biggest annual sales for 4 consecutive years.

Services Provided


Ticket Allocation, Feedback Gathering, Exception Handling


Brand Service Desk, Complete Mobile Protection.

Peak Sale Support

Handling 5x Volumes and Quick Ramp Up to manage variability.

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