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Founded in 2016, the client is a dynamic Fintech company and India’s Leading Digital Credit Provider. They specialize in consumer lending through digital EMIs, without the need for a credit card or a credit score. The company utilizes mobile tech, digital banking and Artificial intelligence to enable customers who do not have credit cards or credit scores to enjoy the convenience of shopping on EMI.


The company is making steady progress and their customer base has increased in both number and volume. To make operations run more smoothly for both the business and the customer, the customer required assistance in customer support.


With ever increasing growth and competition in the market, the fintech sector companies benefit from outsourcing customer service to expert partners like NextWealth  to ensure exemplary service and keep running in a profitable manner by increasing their customer base.


NextWealth with more than 10 years of experience in Customer Service understands that the most basic element of keeping any business prosperous is keeping its customers happy with the service and satisfied with their interactions with the brand. By handing over the inbound chat and voice support to capable and experienced agents, NextWealth helped customers resolve their issues and answer their questions regarding the company policies as well as services. This resulted in seamless onboarding of customers, generating additional revenue, protecting the brand image during each interaction and ensured customer satisfaction and delight.

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