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Natural Language Processing

NextWealth’s next generation NLP services enhance AI capabilities of Machine Learning models to derive better insights by appropriate labelling, recognizing and classifying emotional information.

Computers were invented to make life less complex for humans. Until recently though, they were unable to understand human languages as their language involved only strings of ones and zeros. Humans, on the contrary have always been naturally expressive and hence, more complicated to understand as language and speech is not restricted to words alone. Although it was assumed that humans and computers cannot truly connect, with NLP that is no longer true. In the current realm of Google, social media and eCommerce, humans expect instant and personalized recommendations that are explicitly relevant to what they were searching or looking for. This human-machine interaction must be done at a scale and efficiency that cannot be sustained by humans alone. An AI-based solution that helps computers understand and interpret human languages is what NLP does.

Our Natural Language Processing Capabilities

The intricacies of our human languages are overwhelming even to humans and most often languages are intuitive behaviours used to convey information by using semantic cues such as words, signs, or images. However, language comes naturally to humans, but is exceptionally difficult for computers to comprehend. Given the abundance of unstructured data and absence of real-world context or intent, both ML (machine learning) and artificial intelligence (AI) are dependent on humans to interact and perform tasks. Traditional search has done a great job helping humans discover and derive insights from some of this data.
However, enterprises today need to go beyond search to maximize the use of unstructured data as a resource for enhanced analytics and decision making. NextWealth’s NLP capabilities in Audio and text can help enterprises in query understanding and content understanding as well as improve both user experience and insight discovery.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) processes the following type of data for training machine learning models:

Make texts comprehensible to machines by identifying important keywords, classifying, and tagging natural language texts within the predetermined set of categories to enable virtual assistant, chatbots and search engines to easily understand the texts and string of words in multiple dialects and languages.

Named Entity Recognition

Tag names, concepts, or key phrases from texts.


Spot and discern the underlying sentiments and intentions.


Classify sentences or text documents into defined categories.
NLP based audio recognition models require annotated audio to make sound more comprehensible for chatbots or virtual assistant devices. By providing audio annotation service to recorded sounds or speech, NextWealth adds metadata to make the human – machine interaction more meaningful.

Audio Classification

Human enabled audio transcription and annotation.

Speech Transcription

Rapidly convert audio and voice into written text.

Speech Diarization

Detect, divide, classify, isolate, and track an input audio.


Record interim information regarding time and date of events for synchronization.

Natural Language Processing Applications

Artificial Intelligence today can speak, write, listen, and understand human language. NLP Powered applications extract meaning from human language to make decisions based on the information at hand through artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, thus making human languages, machine friendly.

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Categorize user inputs into simple or complex queries. Detect intent of users in the given context or extract entities accurately to design seamless human-machine interactions.

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Speech Recognition

Operating systems identify spoken words and phrases and converts them into machine readable format. Using various acoustic and language algorithms, convert voice commands into tasks performed by devices.

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Spell Checks

Good quality spellings are an integral part of chatbots, word processors and search engines. Identify and correct spelling mistakes in a text or grammatical and syntactical errors.

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Machine Translation

Quickly convert a natural language into another, without losing the meaning of the input text and produce fluent text in the output language.

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Sentiment Analysis

Cover human decisions to extract context and data to interpret and classify basic human emotion and predict positive, negative, or neutral intonation.

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Text Classification

Flag inappropriate content for human judgment and reviews under predefined categories to organize, structure, and categorize text.

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