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NextWealth's pixel-perfect image annotation services make object detection easier for computer vision just like humans
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High Quality Image Annotation Services

We offer unmatched excellent image annotation services by combining focused approaches with cutting-edge tools and technologies. Using smart platforms, we enhance tools that work at the pixel level to annotate images precisely.

What is Image Annotation?

Image annotation makes computers capable of acquiring knowledge from images or video data sets and understanding this information the same way humans do. Machine-learning algorithms can be trained using an image dataset labelled this way. Image annotation further allows computer systems to identify characteristics by labelling them. The result is to train the models to acquire the desired accuracy in computer vision.

Types of Image Annotation services we do

We understand the complexities of image annotation in machine learning and hence make use of the latest technologies and industry best practices to provide unrivalled image annotation services to businesses. We incorporate various types of image annotation solutions to solve your machine-learning challenges.

Bounting Boxes for high-quality training data for diverse businesses.

Bounding Box

One of the most commonly used image annotation for computer vision is to illustrate objects and data within a rectangular box. Being one of the top image annotation companies, NextWealth makes use of bounding boxes to identify and label the images to train the machine learning model. This technique to annotate images is widely used due to its simplicity, making bounding boxes ideal for a wide range of applications.

Polygon Annotation services - NextWealth

Polygon Annotation

Irregular or asymmetric objects in images are plotted so that their exact edges can be annotated with accuracy. In this way, computer vision and ML models are able to recognize and respond to objects. This technique is used to precisely annotate irregular images like aerial photographs or road sign boards. NextWealth makes use of modern image annotation tools for precise detection and annotation.

Lane Annotation services image - NextWealth - Data annotation Company in India

Lane Annotation

This technique makes use of small lines and vertices to define linear structures in the images. Structures such as roads, rail tracks, and pipelines can be traced by using small lines that are connected to the vertices. NextWealth experts make use of lane annotations that aid machine learning models to identify physical boundaries to operate within.

Key point annotation services in India

Keypoint Annotation

By connecting individual points known as key points connected to edges across objects, this type of annotation sets up the skeleton structure of an object. By tracking such multiple points, the variations amongst objects that have the same structure can be easily recognized. Ex: Human face. Hence, keypoint annotations are commonly used to detect body and facial features along with emotions and expressions for facial recognition.

Semantic Segmentation services image - NextWealth

Semantic Segmentation

By assigning a specific class of objects to each pixel in an image, semantic segmentation helps train computer vision based ML models. Such distinct tagging of each pixel solves the computer vision problems that involve 2D images as output and converts them into a mask with areas that are highlighted resulting in a fine-grained interpretation of images.

Applications of Image Annotation Services

Image annotation services can provide a lot of value to businesses across various industries. Depending on the type of business and mode of operation, it can be used in a variety of scenarios. It is possible to create, update, and combine various datasets, as well as to create training datasets, with databases. We begin by understanding the nature of the business and then perform image annotation. We ensure that your images are prepared for computer vision, regardless of whether they are in the retail, fintech, e-commerce, or healthcare industry.

Image of autonomous vehicle - LiDAR Annotation services - NextWealth

Autonomous Vehicles

Our image annotation services enable autonomous vehicles to perform computer vision tasks with accuracy to foster harmless decision-making. Object classification algorithms make it easy to recognize crossroads and take control of the vehicle to avoid accidents.

shopping image - NextWealth Action identification using AI-ML


Data labelling and Image annotation play an important role in implementing AI to automate the process and enhance the customer experience in the Retail sector. We simplify retailing with high-quality image annotation services that capture product recommendations, and customer sentiments, and improve inventory planning, product categorization and self-checkouts leading to better customer satisfaction and improved conversions.

realtime sports tracking

Sports & Fitness

The application of image annotation and real-time data tagging in sports allows players to upskill their game. Our annotated videos and images of players in action provide trainers with accurate insights into their movements, enabling them to plan their practice sessions accordingly.

Image of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality - NextWealth

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)

Become a pioneer in the AR/MR space by creating reliable solutions that offer immersive experiences for your customers. Our tailored datasets will enable you to train your ML models for growth and give your users access to virtual environments wherever they are.

Healthcare imge -NextWealth,medical billing outsourcing company


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into healthcare diagnostic & curative practices enhances the delivery of healthcare. As part of our annotation service offerings to the healthcare industry, we deliver appropriately labelled and annotated medical image datasets. This enables doctors to make informed decisions, faster medical anomaly detection and improve patient outcomes.


The increasing risk of criminal activity within public spheres can be eased by implementing AI in security and surveillance. We can guarantee accurate face recognition and object identification to help algorithms predict accurately and mitigate risks. The high-quality annotations we provide for security systems ensure 24 X 7 surveillance, thereby making lives safer and more secure for people.

NextWealth’s Approach to provide High-Quality Image annotation Services

As one of the leading image annotation services companies, NextWealth is a perfect choice for your image annotation requirements. Accurate and sensitive labelling process is the key to a model’s strong performance. Hence, our approach to image annotation primarily utilizes the manual method instead of relying solely on automated annotation techniques. We offer best-in-class image annotations for computer vision services with high accuracy. Our process comprises multiple reviewing and auditing of labelled datasets to ensure higher accuracy and precision.

  • Create tight bounding boxes to fit the whole object and to help models identify and learn with accuracy.
  • Utilizing pre-defined labels to categorize images according to their individual characteristics.
  • Precise labelling to ensure that every object of the image is labelled clearly to assist AI models in accurately identifying the object.
  • High level of consistency during the whole annotation process is maintained through constant reviews.

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Why do we annotate images?

AI/ML models need to be trained to identify different types of objects that are present in the natural environment. These models cannot detect objects such as self-driving cars unless trained through a certain process. Annotated images make it possible for machines to recognize such objects of interest.

What are the best image annotation tools available out there?

There are numerous image annotation tools available in the market, so it is tough to choose the best tool for your needs. If you are looking for a tool that caters to all your data labelling needs, then contact us at NextWealth and we would be delighted to assist you further.

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