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What is Bounding Box Annotation

As part of computer vision projects, bounding box annotations are used to enclose each object in an image or frame of a video using rectangles (rarely squares). In such annotations, the bounding box is drawn tightly without any loose ends. The task might seem simple, but it requires meticulous effort to maintain consistency. NextWealth provides 2D bounding box annotations for machine learning applications and computer vision projects. Backed by a team of expert annotators and data professionals we make sure that all projects are implemented efficiently. By combining human expertise with artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities, we can strike a perfect balance between business outcomes and project requirements.

Types of Bounding Box Annotation

Bounding box annotation is used to recognize objects, segments and boundaries of images for a better understanding of the image by machine learning models. Different types of bounding box techniques are used to distinguish different elements within the image to be annotated.

Geo Tagging Services

We identify the precise global positioning of your photos, videos or website, allowing your image to be synchronized with geotagging applications such as Google Earth and Google Maps. To facilitate fast image browsing, we provide bounding box solutions that help you mark the location and time when an image is captured.

Multi-label Classification Services

We annotate images with multiple labels so that objects can be grouped seamlessly into particular categories. Such bounding box image classification makes it possible for the machine to distinguish between different objects in a single image when they are all present together.

Object Localization Services

Our bounding box technique of localizing objects makes it easy to identify any obstacles and enables the models to recognize their environment.

Object Detection Services

We make use of the 2D bounding box by displaying images from multiple angles with accurate datasets that helps computer vision understand the details of an object like its width, height shape and more.

Text Translation Services

We enable image-based text translation services in multilingual scenarios to simplify the machine learning process.

Application of Bounding Box Annotation

Bounding box is mainly used for object detection in computer vision tasks that includes identifying images and objects. Bounding boxes aid in making machines understand what an object is and where it is to detect it in a picture. So, when it comes to the application of object detection there are infinite applications.

Retail & e-Commerce

Image annotation using a bounding box is used for highlighting the fashion accessories and clothes with automatic tagging. This makes the object visible for visual searching and detection of the items picked up from the shelf for an automated billing in retail stores.

Autonomous Vehicles

Algorithms of Autonomous vehicles can also be trained to detect objects on the road that they would otherwise miss, such as potholes, signals, lanes, and others using an image annotation bounding box. As a result, automated vehicles are capable of recognizing and understanding all the objects in their surroundings in the real world.


A bounding box helps in detecting the damaged parts of vehicles such as smashed bonnets, broken windows and other accessories during an accident. Machine learning models can understand the intensity of damages to approximate the claim amount for a seamless process of insurance claims.

Drone Imagery and Robotics

The image labelling method of bounding box help drones and robots to identify the wide range of objects seen on earth. Drones can recognize objects from a distance and steer accordingly with the different types of objects labelled inside the bounding box.


Bounding box is used to rapidly track anatomical objects like the heart in medical image analysis. Such accurate and robust bounding box image classification aids physicians in timely diagnosis and treatment.


Bounding box annotation can provide real-time data using AI algorithms with precise data labelling of objects of any size or shape. This contributes to agricultural efficiency and yield improvement using real-time insights from the fields.

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What is 2D image annotation? What is the use of 2D bounding box annotation?

2D image annotation is a process in which a rectangle line is drawn around the object in an image with the motive to make it recognized by the computer vision models. To make all types of objects visible in their natural environment 2D bounding boxes are used. From drones and robotics to autonomous vehicles and healthcare this technique is used to create a large amount of training data in machine learning across different industries. NextWealth provides high-quality image annotation services for various sectors, we are committed to delivering precise data for AI and ML purposes.

Does the type of annotation (segmantic, bounding box..) affect the accuracy of the model?

Annotated data is the lifeline of learning models and the accuracy of such a model depends on both the quality and quantity of data being annotated along with the method used for annotation. If you have any questions on which type of annotation would be ideal for your dataset, then get in touch with our team and we would be happy to help.

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