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Video Classification Services

Video classification is a method of understanding what a video represents and making the machine learning model understand them.
AI/ML models are trained on a video dataset comprising a unique class set, such as movements or motions. The probability of each class represented in the video is received as output from video frames by the computer vision models. Video classification services define the probabilities of each image to its predefined class and process the relationship between adjacent structures to recognize action in the video.

Machine learning models can be trained with video classification using deep learning to identify human actions such as jumping and running.

Custom Video Classification Services from NextWealth

Video classification machine learning by NextWealth is based on the industry or category to which it belongs. The choice of video frame classification method depends on business requirements. We classify large quantities of video sets within minimum time, along with quality checks. By localizing the human body poses in video and applying precise video classification using deep learning, the resultant data set can be used in animation, analyzing player movements in a match and gaming, etc.

Applications of Video Classification

With deep learning technologies, businesses can deploy video object classification applications to streamline processes that would otherwise be burdensome.

Traffic Management

Video classification helps manage traffic where the AI models can be trained to identify vehicle number plates. Applying video classification in this way can analyze the video frame by frame to identify specific vehicles, and processes like congestion management and toll collection can be automated.


Video classification machine learning can be used to automate video recognition to diagnose and identify illness. We offer highly precise video classification that can automate medical procedures with machine-learning integrations.


Video classification services involve training computer vision models to track human activities and predict poses. We offer precisely classified data that annotates minor details, like specific postures and expressions, to identify human interactions in various situations.

Autonomous Vehicles

Video annotation using deep learning for autonomous vehicles involves recognizing sign boards, streetlights and other elements on the road. Our video frame classification helps build visual perception for AI models that can further lead to reliable autonomous vehicles.


Video classification services can also be applied to the manufacturing industry to improve productivity. AI models/robots can be trained for video classification to navigate inspection assembly lines and spot any defect in production, thus increasing efficiency.

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What's the best technology for video classification?

Machine Learning projects always require an in-depth classification and understanding of data. Hence many ML algorithms are applied for classification but choosing the best technology for classification is difficult. At NextWealth we make use of multiple methods for classification and incorporate only the best technology for our client. If you are looking for the technology that might be most appropriate for your AI/ML project, then get in touch with our team and we would be happy to advise you.

How do I train data for a video classification?

In video classification, all the frames within a video must be read thoroughly. Based on these frames, a validation set is created to help determine how the computer vision model will perform on the unseen data. And once the architecture for the model is defined, you can train it for video classification using deep learning. You can also get in touch with the team at NextWealth to train your data for video classification.

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