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The client is the world’s largest Conversational AI companies, having reached over 100 million devices, and processed over 3 billion conversations to date. The company’s intelligent virtual assistant solutions enable Fortune 500 brands globally to enhance customer experience while saving costs and increasing sales.


The company has been making waves and has helped businesses improve customer satisfaction and customer engagement , thus requiring help in building and training chatbots as well as checking the conversational AI for quality.


With ever increasing growth and competition in the market, the client required a partner who can provide secure and scalable Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots for business. NextWealth helped the client design these chatbots keeping in mind the unique requirements of specific business functions.


NextWealth was eager to help the client build all-encompassing, AI-enabled intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs). These chatbots with intuitive designs complimented ease of use while ensuring it performs all its functions, although specifically cater to two key functions, sales and customer support, and are complemented by its capabilities in data, analytics, and prediction. The chat bot was built on Web, Android and WhatsApp platforms and was able to answer customer queries and FAQs related to client’s requirements. Since the quality assessment of chatbots is difficult, NextWealth also stepped in as conventional ways of testing and QA wouldn’t work since  the conversational interface is non-deterministic by design.

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