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NextWealth provides end-to-end AI/ML Data Services to optimize the Machine Learning (ML) pipeline with high-quality datasets for industries like e-Commerce; AI-ML; Automotive and Retail. NextWealth, is the one-stop shop for annotators, project managers, and Data Science Officers who want to simplify the Data labeling process while saving time and cost.

Creating the data foundation for tomorrow’s AI Revolution

Our unique end-to-end Machine Learning approach combines Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) by observing human behavior, actions, and language, and by using reinforcement learning. Deep collaboration between the Training Data of these two approaches is the most efficient way to help Machine Learning models create reliable algorithms that can change the future of Customer Experience and help businesses achieve Operational Excellence.

AI/ML Data Services

Data is the most critical element for developing machine learning models and making Artificial Intelligence more accurate. With the expertise in training data collection and annotation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and by providing quality data annotation services, data collection, data labeling, and iterative model training, customers can make real-time, data-driven decisions, and in parallel, facilitate discovery, development, and delivery of customized data models.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV) enables computers/machines to analyse and understand images and videos. We at NextWealth help companies by providing gold standard ground data: Images, Videos, GIS and LiDAR to build and train machine learning models.

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

NextWealth’s next generation Natural  Language Processing (NLP) services enhance AI capabilities to help customers with labelling of speech and text data. They are used to derive better insights to recognize and classify natural language information.

Structured and Semi-Structured Data (SSSD)

NextWealth has been on the cutting edge with techniques like competitive intelligence and search relevance when it comes to transforming online retail operations. Artificial Intelligence  powered technologies is leveraged to provide a competitive edge to customers.

Other Services

In addition to AI/ML data services, we provide world class customer interaction and back office services. With a decade old customer support legacy, we offer outsourcing capabilities with a human touch, to premium retailers and growing brands to save time and improve customer experience at large. We also team up with clients to drive process improvements from the ground up by using a combination of humans with embedded artificial intelligence.

Customer Experience

NextWealth has the expertise  and adaptability to meet increasing demands of businesses be it inbound services like technical voice support, helpdesk and troubleshooting or outbound services like cold calling and telemarketing.

Back Office

NextWealth offers business process solutions and process improvement techniques using emerging technologies to help reduce the human errors, operational risks and costs and improve the business performance.

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The industries we provide solutions to

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  • Content Curation
  • Data Cleansing and Classification
  • Content Digitization
Image of product matching and tagging services for retail solutions


  • Model Training and Validation
  • Product Matching and Tagging
  • Search Relevance
LiDAR Annotation services image - NextWealth data annotation service


  • LiDAR Annotation
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Video Annotation
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  • Catalogue Enrichment and Management
  • Product Validation
  • Customer Support


  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Payment Verification


  • Geofence Creation
  • Damage Area Annotation
  • Footprint Annotation

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