Reduced operations cost by 40%

for a global corporation with operations in over 170 countries

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Our customer is a global corporation with operations in over 170 countries. They also offer infrastructure services, hosting services, consulting services and global business services from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.


Reduction in Cost and Scalability along with maintaining the current accuracy levels. The biggest challenge was to understand various global invoice formats, multiple international languages, tax codes and structures and business registration details and at the same time delivering impeccable levels of TAT and Accuracy


NextWealth started slow with regions where processes and platforms were already in place enabling the team to understand and learn at a much quicker pace and then slowly moved on to adding various regions like North America, India, Pakistan, ANZ, Sri Lanka, EMEA and SEA. Our services included pre-processing of invoices, identifying duplicate entries, verifications, quality checks and recalibration of accounts.

As a value add, NextWealth developed and deployed “NextPredict”, an AI solution to predict and prevent errors to improve accuracy at an Agent level.


We consistently delivered above expectation on TAT and Accuracy. As a result, the operational cost of the customer went down by 40%

Services Provided

Pre-processing and PO Validation

Duplicate Identification

Verification and QC

Recalibration of Accounts

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