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It is more about achieving greater accuracy, agility, and responsiveness to fuel growth and achieve an edge over competition.

The global markets today are demanding businesses to find sustainable ways to do more with less, to innovate and adapt, and sustain performance over time. However, the data-driven, transformational business process outsourcing first emerged as a simple quick fix for businesses that were not entirely self-sufficient. As businesses expanded globally, they began capitalizing on the value that BPO services provided and began outsourcing their back-office operations to save costs. With markets opening and dynamic changes in customer behaviour, achieving operational excellence today goes well beyond just cutting costs. It is more about achieving greater accuracy, agility, and responsiveness to fuel growth and achieve an edge over competition. 

NextWealth teams up with clients to drive process improvements from the ground up, enabling the business to grow its bottom line and optimizing the enterprise processes by using a combination of humans with embedded artificial intelligence (AI).  By delivering outsourcing capabilities  using emerging technologies that augment the skills of human agents, NextWealth helps reduce human errors, operational risks and costs, to deliver better customer experience and multiply the business performance through enhanced Financial and Human Resource operations.

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Managed F & A

Finance Process Outsourcing have traditionally focussed on a few aspects of accounting functions such as invoicing, cash applications and collections. Today, it is a more comprehensive order to cash managed service that ensures that purchase processes are seamless starting from order placement, through invoice processing to accounts payable. NextWealth’s experience that spans a decade views the order to cash process as a strategic tool that improves the bottom line of businesses while increasing the growth potential and strengthening its financial processes.

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Identity Verification

With the advent of the Internet, the rise in online frauds and risks have increased dramatically. It has become more important than ever to identify real customers, reduce chargebacks and deter fraudulent attempts as businesses continuously face the threat of breach, identity theft, and tough compliances. NextWealth’s Identity Verification Services are perfect for KYC; customer onboarding; account opening and fraud detection and prevention.

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Medical Coding and Billing

Medical billing and Medical coding are two immensely important aspects of the modern health care industry. Medical coding translates relevant information from a patient’s visit to a doctor into codes, which can then be used in the medical billing process. NextWealth offers customised end to end back office services to healthcare organizations to help them deal with HRCM, Billing and Coding effectively.

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In this data driven era, businesses are struggling with the complex challenge of managing and uncovering relevant data from an abundance of data sources. Through data conversion, organisations can translate data from one format to another comprehensively convert the format and structure to read, modify, and analyse data. It is a crucial step in the data enrichment process and helps gain business insights on customer behaviour, operations, and trends.

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