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About the

Freshworks is a cloud based Customer – Support Software firm that provides SaaS customer engagement solutions. The company’s suite of products is widely used by over 150,000 business firms.


Freshworks has a Conversation AI interface that receives numerous customer queries every day. Training of the NLP model for Conversational AI requires the intent for the queries to be identified and mapped to specific (FAQs). In addition, Named Entities needed to be specifically identified by the NLP Model. The need was to speed up NLP Models and achieve scalability.


NextWealth was able to train and validate their machine learning algorithms for all of their customer queries. The process is now happening at a rapid rate with more than 99% accuracy with data services such as Intent identification, Intent mapping, relevancy and ranking of the tickets.


The accuracy delivered by training the NLP Models was beyond customer’s expectation and in turn improving the efficiency of their Conversational AI platform.

Services Provided

Intent Identification and Mapping

Intent Validation of Chats

Named Entity Tagging

Similar Ticket Relevance and Ranking

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