Isha Talk – Human is not a Resource

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All of us have been hit by the COVID in the last 2 years. And looks like it’s going extend for another year at least. All of us have also been hit by cashflow and customer acquisition issues. In this situation, what is it that I can do that is different? How can I make my organisation more agile, more flexible, and more resilient? I want to leave 3 thoughts with you:


How do I retain my existing customers? Can I offer them a discount now and ask them to pay later? Share the pain, Share the gain?

On Customer Acquisition, how can I acquire new customers? Can I pivot or transform myself to offer services which is relevant to the customer today? For example, in my own organization, we would offer people for services in five weeks’ time. During the COVID time, we transformed our process to be able to give customers, people for services in just three days’ time. And because of this, we were able to acquire nine new customers this quarter.

Second, can I go back to the drawing board to see what is it that I can do different? Can I look at my core competencies and leverage them much better to offer services which would be relevant to the customers in the current COVID situation?

Third, it is all about people, people, and people. How can I deal with people with head, heart, and hands? Head for the rational and strategy, hands for the execution, and heart for the empathy and understanding that I need to have when executing the strategy. I also need to communicate with my people with consistency and continuously.

And that is very important. All of this and more you will learn in Human is not a Resource Program by Isha Leadership Academy on August 8.I would urge everyone of you to register for this and learn. How is it that you’re who can be different and come out successfully through this Kovac situation?


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